According to a study by the price comparator Liligo, conducted by Opinion Way, the French want to go on vacation in 2023. 71% of households intend to travel this year, compared to 42% last year. Among them, 60% say they want to travel during their summer vacation.

Despite the inflationary context of the last few months, the French are not giving up the pleasure of holidays. “I continue to travel. I have always reserved a dedicated budget to travel despite inflation. This is part of the pleasures of life”, testifies a future vacationer on M6, during 1245 of March 17, 2023.

“There is such a desire for a vacation this year, that the French have booked in advance. 30% of the French had already booked at the end of February”, notes Didier Arino, general manager of Protourisme, to our colleagues from M6 .

“The budget they intend to allocate to their holidays shows that getting away from it all is a priority for them, especially in summer. This is a guarantee of the renewed activity for the sector and the positive trends now confirmed”, says Guillaume Rostand , Marketing Director of Liligo. “Despite the anxieties linked to the economic and geopolitical situation, the budget has increased by 400 euros”, specifies the general manager of Protourisme. Indeed, this year, the French will allocate an average of 2,339 euros per person for their holidays, against 1,641 euros in 2022, according to TF1.

Going on vacation is therefore an incompressible expense for many. However, not all French people have the same budget to allocate to it. Discover in our slideshow below 5 tips to avoid paying the high price.