The Ex-vessel, If to the right is referred to plofkraken


Kinrooi / If –

The court in Hasselt on Friday, the 39-year-old Anick Berghmans, and ex-alderman for the sp.a, immediately after, will be referred to the criminal court for her alleged involvement in the plofkraak June 21) at bpost, in Lommel, belgium. She is suspected of being a bendevorming. As a fugitive, a man from the Eastern part of Flanders, Zele (belgium), and three are referred to a specialist.

The other four suspects have also accused a plofkraak on the 4th of June at a branch of ING in Kinrooi. A 29-year-old friend Anick Berghmans, who collaborated with her on the 26th of June, had been arrested and, as Berghmans and immediately released, and it should not be a trial.

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