Further easing for schools – is Still not the end of the distance education and teachers at secondary schools and universities may soon be up in front of their students. The requirements of the Federal government, however, are so strict that they will only make cautious use of it.Janine Hosp0 comment, many high school teachers will hold up to the Sommenferien your lessons continue to be in front of a Webcam instead of a full class room. Photo: Anthony Anex (Keystone)

From the 6. June may also be transferred in the medium, professional and higher education back to the classroom, such as the Federal Council said on Wednesday in front of the media. This will not, however, lead to the fact that now in all the class rooms and lecture halls being taught, Many schools will use the new possibility just cautious – and some not at all. The Canton of Zug, for example, has announced last week that the teachers continue to teach from afar.

The reason is that The requirements of the Federal the 13. May has been announced for these schools are not so strict that it’s worth it for all your operations for a few weeks until the summer holidays to change. Because after the holidays, so the Zug education Director Stephan Schleiss last week, said the Situation from the current point of view, to leave again in a normal classroom.

Indeed, the targets for the medium – and universities are much more restrictive than those for the elementary school. While there are only children and teachers must always keep two meters distance from each other, must comply with older students, this distance also with each other. This is because young people have a high risk of developing Covid-19, as well as adults.

When all the people have to true in a classroom or in a lecture hall of two meters distance, due to this, that every four square feet of space for themselves. “But we can teach a maximum of half a class, maybe just a third,” says Lucius Hartmann, President of the Association of Swiss secondary school teacher. The classes at the high schools are not tend to be larger than in the primary schools, the rooms, though. So it will be at least high schools or vocational schools, a whole class to teach.

Many of the cantons, many of the solutions

“The requirements of the Federal government are hard,” says Christoph Thomann, President of professional education in Switzerland. Many cantons are struggling with it. Especially where it takes only three weeks until the summer holidays start, is to consider a switch to work in the classroom well. In General, the decision lies with the cantons, the Canton of Berne in the school communities. The universities can decide for themselves. So the solutions that apply at least up to the summer holiday will be, over the whole of Switzerland is very different.

The solutions that apply at least up to the summer holidays, will be over the whole of Switzerland is very different.

in Principle, three possibilities offer themselves: The schools will be able to run the distance education as previously. For it speaks, that it is the older students, and students are used to working independently. Schools with enough space can also divide the classes in two rooms. Many will switch between distance learning and classroom teaching. What was not, he said, was both to each other, like Beat A. Schwendimann from the roof of the Association of teachers Switzerland says. The teachers could not speak in a Webcam, and with students in short exchange messages and at the same time, the other half of the class teaching.

the solutions are so different, according to Lucius Hartmann is not bad. The Kantonsschule Zürcher Oberland, where he teaches, has little place – it was built for 900 pupils, is now visited but by 1300. What is his school, it must not be for one with more space. “There is not the perfect solution,” he says.

Five A4 sheets full limit rules

in the opinion of Christoph Thomann, President of professional education in Switzerland, the quality of teaching in the school house now, above all, any deficits from the distance learning to review and consolidate what they have Learned. Also, schools should have used the time up to the summer holidays, to find out what works– what forms of instruction, what are the times or processes. So you will be prepared if the Situation should change once again.

Also, the lecture halls of many universities will not yet be filled immediately: The lecturer and attorney at law Dominik Gasser during his Online lecture at the University of Lucerne.Photo: Urs Flüeler (Keystone)

in addition to the distance rules, the Federal government provides a whole series of other requirements – students and teachers must adhere to, not only in the classroom but throughout the school building and also on the way to school. You need to regularly disinfect surfaces, air the room and wash hands. All the requirements together to fill five sealing described in A-4 sheets. It doesn’t seem to be but even the final version. As the Federal office of public health, writes on request, revised the catalog in the next few weeks.

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