Success for “marriage for all” – national Council says ‘ Yes ‘ to sperm donation for a lesbian couple, same-sex couples should be able to enter into the marriage. This has been decided by the Grand chamber on Thursday. At the same time she spoke out for the access of lesbian couples to sperm donation.13 Kommentare13Gleichgeschlechtliche couples should be allowed to marry. The national Council has decided. (Archive image)Keystone/Walter Bieri

same-sex couples should be able to enter into the marriage. The national Council has decided on Thursday. At the same time he spoke out for the access of lesbian couples to sperm donation.

It was the most controversial point of the template is “marriage for all”. This goes back to a parliamentary Initiative of the green liberal. The national Council had taken up the debate about it last week. At that time, all of the groups, with the exception of SVP, commented that, in principle, for the same-sex marriage. The middle group has been divided.

Also Minister of justice, Karin Keller-Sutter was behind the “marriage for all”: “The Federal Council welcomes the fact that the current is not equal to eliminates the treatment,” she said. As expected, rejected the national Council a request not to occur, with 152 to 39 votes, with 4 abstentions. Unsuccessfully, the resistance of the SVP against the core provision of the template, with the capacity of persons to marry, regardless of gender was formulated.

access to the sperm donation

For debates, the question of whether female couples the access is to be granted to the sperm donation provided. The law Commission of the national Council, which had drawn up the template, put this opportunity in the consultation process for the discussion. Although the proposal was mostly well received, however, she decided to close. Access to sperm donation for married women would endanger the entire template, explained Commission spokesperson Beat Flat (GLP/AG) of the decision.

Also Keller-Sutter didn’t want to allow access to sperm donation for lesbian couples in the context of this template. The Federal Council was not opposed in principle, he wanted to carry out the audit but in stages. There are too many legal questions are open, for the child is important. To do this, Sutter belongs, according to Keller, in particular, such as the right to knowledge of the origin can be guaranteed. According to their data, a working group will examine these issues currently, results should be available next year.

The SVP had fundamental reservations. Yves Nidegger (SVP/GE) spoke of a “diabolical” purpose. The biology dictate that a child will always have a mother and a father. It was only the question of whether the child could legally have a relationship with both parents. Also the middle group that supported the Opening up of marriage for same-sex couples, the majority refused to accept the sperm donation.

majority for equality

The majority of the Council was of a different opinion. On this determination, decide whether there is indeed equality would be reached, said Christa Markwalder (FDP/BE). Female couples testified to today’s children. This is done in a foreign country or in private, what a lengthy adoption procedures, respectively.

children in same-sex marriages were also raised as lovingly as in different-sex, – said mark Walder. It also has the same problems could occur. The same Horn SP, the greens and the green liberals were. Whether a woman is married to a woman or a man, should not be the difference between whether your child will have fewer rights, said Kathrin Bertschy (GLP/BE).

Tricky questions adjourned

unlike in many European countries, marriage in Switzerland, is open today only to heterosexual couples. Same-sex couples will have the opportunity to register their partnerships. The registered partnership is not, however, associated with the same Rights and obligations. There are differences, for example, in the case of naturalisation, the joint Adoption of children is not allowed. That would change with the Revision.

Some questions remain open because they involve a lot of dynamite. So has not been waived adjustments in the case of the survivor’s pension, in order not to endanger the template. The surrogacy was not up for discussion. This would be a prerequisite for gay couples children might get. The political hurdles are much greater than the sperm donor for heterosexual married couples already permitted.

With the Opening up of marriage for same-sex couples, there would be no new registered partnerships. Couples who are already living in a registered partnership, to the may, however, continue to do so. For them other rules apply as for married couples. You should be able to convert the partnership into a marriage.

In the total vote of the national Council of the template to be voted 132 to 53 with 13 abstentions. This now goes to the Council of States.

(SDA /sep)

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