the town is The birthplace of by Walter Gropius justified style direction has given the Modern yet less space in your museums in Weimar, the Klassik with Goethe and Schiller dominates. However, this should soon be different: On the 6. April 2019, the Klassik Stiftung Weimar opened the “bauhaus museum weimar”, as well as an exhibition of the Modern around 1900 in the New Museum. Both houses headquarters, is intended to convey Modernity and its fractions in Weimar urban fabric, as a spokesman for the Klassik Stiftung says to stand in the center of a Culture. In addition, the model house will be restored “in The Horn”. It will be available on a regular basis.

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the exhibition at The Bauhaus Museum is “The Bauhaus comes from Weimar”. The experimental component plays a role, so also arts such as weaving, or pottery, which were later observed. In the New Museum, the focus will be on the development of the Weimar school of painting to Henry van de Velde and of the Modern around 1900. A bookbinding workshop will also be established.

exhibitions and events, there are plenty of

Of Weimar, moved the Bauhaus to Dessau. For the anniversary year, the city in Saxony-has a new Museum building, in the collection of the Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau for the first time in their diversity is shown Anhalt; it includes 49.000 objects. The glass facade is mounted on a cubic building, to the end of the year, the shell should be ready. The exhibition, which will be shown after the opening, under the title “laboratory of the Bauhaus” on 1,500 square meters, will show the history of the Bauhaus Dessau.

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Who is curious in the town before the opening of the new building on 8. September 2019, the Bauhaus experience. There are some Bauhaus buildings, which are highlighted from the end of January with a curatorial Neubespielung. You should show what the design were implemented approaches, thinking models and attitudes in the buildings. The buildings are distributed over the area of the city, from the South to the Elbe, and can be found with a App. Most of the houses as dwelling-place for the avant-garde, but also for the Dessau-Törten housing estate, as a test field of social housing. Another example is the flat building on August-Bebel-Platz, the former labour office, today office, and admissions office.