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A group of players of the NBA is conducting phone conversations in the are measured and analyzed all of the factors of the possible return to the competition with what they perceive that there is a considerable uncertainty.

The NBA has scheduled to restart the season in the “bubble” of Orlando (Florida), from the next 31st of July. The foregoing, while the NBA and the National Association of Basketball Players are in agreement with a plan that would allow the players who decide to stay at home, without having disciplinary consequences , said several sources.

they Added that there were between 40 and 50 players in a conference telephone call in the past 24 hours discussing a number of concerns focused on the restart of the championship on the “bubble”” that you will create in the Disney World Resort in Orlando.

The sources indicate that there has been no formal request to the union on the part of any group that you do not want to take part in the resumption of the championship with the 22 teams that have options to be in the playoffs.

as negotiations continue to restart the championship, h there has been an increased dialogue about the advisability of restarting the season for a number of players .

The executives and the coaches of the NBA have had a great concern about how the players will adapt to an environment unlike any other you have ever experienced , and how those barriers could affect the competitive drive of the computers.

Many have also been concerned, especially on computers that are not candidates for the title, if some players begin to look for ways to avoid the resume altogether.

The players cite a number of concerns, including family situations, the inability to leave the campus of Disney World Resort, the pandemic of coronavirus and the implications surrounding the emergence of causes of social justice in the country, the sources said.

participants in Orlando, including the players, you may not leave the “bubble” without a quarantine of 10 days to his return to the land of Disney , confirmed the sources.

they Also indicate that players with medical problems that could put them in categories of high-risk may seek an independent review to find out if they would be excused from participating.

it is also Not clear that’s going to happen with coaches veterans as are the cases of Alvin Gentry (65 years), of the Pelicans of New Orleans; Mike D’antoni (68), of the Houston Rockets, and Gregg Popovich (71), of the San Antonio Spurs.

Even those players that said that they are in a position to compete could leave Orlando, but without receiving payment the last eight games of the regular season . The players who are against the resumption of Orlando does not pay for the lost games, the sources said.

The league began to withhold 25% of the salaries of the players by the may 15 due to the provision of force majeure in the collective bargaining agreement that will pay the teams for the matches cancelled.

The NBA plans to allow replacements for players who test positive for the coronavirus or suffer injuries , the sources said and added that they would cease to be eligible in restase of the season 2019-20.

The NBA and the union have been working intensively with the aim of finalizing the terms of the reset.

it Is expected that this week it has established a terms sheet and a directory of protocols for health and safety that will make getting to the teams and the players, confirmed the same sources.