Study in the land Down Under – a majority of Australians see indigenous people negatively a long-standing survey in Australia has revealed that the prejudices of the population are common to the Indigenous far. The results are shocking, but not surprising, say the authors of the study.0 comments”Shocking, but not surprising”: The study is a Testament to the invisible barriers in Australian society.(KEYSTONE/AP/Rick Rycroft/archives)

The majority of Australians are negative towards the natives of the country. This is the result of an on Tuesday published a study on unconscious bias in the Australian National University (ANU).

Thus, three out of four Australians have negative attitudes towards the indigenous inhabitants of the continent – regardless of age, gender, education, occupation, Religion, income, or political setting. This type of negative implicit or unconscious bias “can lead to widespread racism”. It is likely that many of the people who have such views, your prejudices are not aware of, the researchers said.

Comprehensive and long-standing survey

more than 11 000 Australians were Surveyed over a period of ten years. In the “Journal of Australian Indigenous Issues” study by the universities of Harvard, Yale, and the University of Sydney were involved. “The results are shocking, but not surprising,” said Siddharth Shirodkar from the ANU.

The results showed that implicit negative attitudes towards indigenous Australians is widely used in society could be and probably is the cause of racism is that many of the natives know. The study was a document for the invisible barriers that you were standing in the society, it was said.


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