The Indian girl Bindu Ammini is a pioneer. Along with Kanaka Durga, she has written on Wednesday, history. The two Activists were the first women of child-bearing age to ever have visited the temple of Sabarimala in the Indian state of Kerala. The sanctuary prohibits women in the age from ten to fifty years, actually, the access to the temple. The Hindu priests in particular, they apply during their Menstruation as unclean. India’s Supreme court had overturned the “Patriarchal” ban in September of last year, however, as it was in breach of the principle of equality. Since then, mass had prevented protests from conservative Hindus, the implementation of the court order.

Till Fähnders

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a month ago, an angry Mob had chased the two Activists. About a dozen other women had tried in vain to get into the temple. The 42-and 44-year-old women reported in the Indian press that they had entered the temple early Wednesday morning at about 3.30 PM local time. They had used a back entrance. So you were able to bypass the protesting Hindus. A short Video to show the visitor were two people with black head scarves, marched in a hurry by a dark plant. “Inside, a whole lot were believers. Therefore, we could not spend long Inside the temple. But we spent a good time on the site of the temple,” said Ammini, the newspaper “Times of India”. During your stay, you would have prayed also in front of the Shrine. Police officers in civilian clothes, had accompanied the women to protect them.

families under police protection

the leaders of the temple, the action was good. They closed the temple after the visit for about an hour to “cleansing rituals”. The Indian women’s rights activists, the temple is regarded as a success. You turn against the religious stigma attached to women who have their period. In most of the Hindu temples, women are excluded during their monthly period of religious rituals. But only a few have a ban on such strict Access such as the temple of Sabarimala.

The action of the two women follows a day on a large-scale Solidarity of hundreds of thousands of Indians. They had demonstrated on Tuesday with a 620-kilometre-long human chain for the right of Admission to the temple. Footage showed a seemingly endless succession of Indian women in colorful robes. The “wall of women” that should have held for 15 minutes, was organized by the Communists stated Left Democratic Front. They are committed to a fundamental improvement in the lives of Indian women. India is considered to be one of the most dangerous countries for women in the world. Since the mass rape and murder of a student in Delhi in 2012, the theme is brought into consciousness. Activists pointed out, however, that the country has also brought a strong feminist movement.