Criticism of Lucerne, police – police with arrest picture to anger a COP fixed a Person with the knee: A promotional image, which is reminiscent of the fate of George Floyd’s, has introduced the Lucerne police at the weekend a lot of criticism. Now she has apologized.1 Kommentar1Die Lucerne police in their campaign for a properly conducted arrest, in the Slogan “fast – competent – helpful” is highlighted “competent”. The fixation of the Person with the knee, however, evoked memories of the deadly arrest of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

An advertising campaign of the Lucerne cantonal police provided in the Central part of Switzerland on the weekend for anxiety. In the issue of Central Switzerland at the weekend and on Twitter, the authority ran an ad with a picture, the arrest of one man shows. A police officer kneels on the shoulder of the Person, ready for handcuffs and holds an Arm of the Person. Your colleague is kneeling next to it, probably on the other Arm. Accompanied the picture with a Slogan “Fast – competent – helpful” and “apply Now”.

The advertising image caused in the social media immediately, many reactions, many readers felt the fatal arrest of George Floyd in Minneapolis recalls, in which a policeman died almost nine minutes long-on the neck of the African-American knelt down, and the man shortly thereafter. His death triggered the mass protests against racism and police violence in the United States and many Parts of the world.

The image also appeared in the “Central Switzerland on the weekend”, as part of a half-page advertisement.Image: Central Switzerland on the weekend of September 6. June 2020

In this environment, the Lucerne police with your campaign image belonging to the fat cells, so the Tenor in the social media. Many users react emotionally and speak at the festival took the situation by a display of police violence.

certain day, Rahel Estermann writes, the image alone is currently a No-go, the combination with the Slogan “ready to help” the Green politician, even more angry.

The police responded on Monday to the faux pas of the weekend. The first-time since the age of 25. May, is on Twitter in the represented authority deleted the post and apologized in an official media release. “In connection with the tragic death of a black American in the case of a police control, our campaign has hurt, apparently, for many people, feelings,” writes the communication Department of the cantonal police.

“dissociating The Lucerne police from any Form of violence and racism, and expresses its condolences on the violent death of George Floyd. In our Police violence and racism have no place. If we have hurt with our recruitment campaign feelings of people, we regret this.”

The Lucerne police attach great importance to the fact that your police officer to exercise the officers during the two-year education and training with the correct techniques took their job competently and correctly.

fixation on shoulder blade

From the SRF”regional journal of Central Switzerland,” says police spokesman Urs Wigger also, “the Whole thing was unfortunate”. As in the case of the USA it became known, would be the police more sensitive and the image from the campaign need to remove it, he says. “On the other hand, we could not foresee that this event would also beat us in such high waves.”

The Lucerne police do every year, 2500 arrests, when people fought back against would also have to be fixations made. It will, however, pressed never a knee on the neck of a Suspect, as was the case of George Floyd of the case, but on the shoulder blade.

In Minneapolis, where the 46-year-old Floyd during the arrest, died, was allowed the fixation on the neck yet, in many States in this, as in most European countries is prohibited, however. Meanwhile, Minneapolis has changed the law and prohibits fixations on the neck.

In the recruitment campaign on your side, the Lucerne police Department has replaced the controversial image, and now relies on a very different message: A police officer directed three children on a Zebra crossing, in the Slogan, the word is highlighted now, ready to help.



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