New Album of warrant – watches, cars, and coke Briquettes warrant would have to be the aufwühlendste Rapper in Germany and the wasted potential of capitalism-of-hearing.Jacob Biazza0 comment liberation lyrics about oppressive Beats: Rapper has a warrant.Dukas

The highest form of existence in the Pop artist with a Signature Sound. A glasses-bright Stratocaster Solo by David Gilmour, a few casually fanned the piano chords of Elton John, a machine-exactly synkopiertes “Hi-Hiiii” by Michael Jackson. A Few Sounds, Distinctiveness.

the Case warrant it, the nasal hung tortured, “aaahhh”, he presents many of his verses.

A noise, composed of one-third of despair and two-thirds of Arrogance in this world as though through knee-deep mud, says it all. But there is wrinkling his nose, as the Opposite of something foul-smelling was.

The comedian Jan böhmermann can mimic this whole attitude very well. Just like the rest, droning Rap-Sing-Sang and the vocabulary of a warrant that has changed the way how parts of this country talk, and, at the latest, if particularly clever Bubis, a mimic, has made it as an artist, Yes. A Sound, Distinctiveness. Pop Olympus, somewhere in Offenbach. Would have thought a few years ago, either.

drugs platitudes

“Aaahh!”: Basically, the whole art figure of a warrant is in this snappily stretched out Loud. The Rapper was in both, from the life wounded, and rotzarrogant. That was a big difference to the German Rap-Rest: Somewhere behind all that Bling-Bling-Gewedel, the drug platitudes and Posing with Grosskalibrigem a child, großäugiger pain, the blinked from the floor of the dark Interior into the light was always.

The pain is also on the new Album by Aykut Annex, such as arrest warrant is actually still there. “The White Album” has he baptized it, by the way, what would we have the Arrogance in a moment. The title is either a reference to either the “White Album” of the Beatles or Jay-Z and his “The Black Album”. What has about the same altitude.

A cold world

The world, of the Annex to the new Songs told, it still feels cold and oppressive. “I stand with backs to the wall / Hand on my cock / Other tense on the ball man / Whole body”, he shouts at in “RADW” against an overdriven, such as with strong acid stained Playback. And even otherwise, there are plenty of liberation lyrics about oppressive Beats.

A Scream against a society in which the spaces are tight and still continue to shrink together. Against a reality in which souls have more than just damage to the paintwork and the language is brutal. The fathers dead or gone. And the mothers are overwhelmed. “069 the code, now s brutal / Whack-you will damage total, without reason, without morality / I’m young, I’m wild, I’m unsociable / Fuck on Arnold – I’m Conan the barbarian.” So it goes.

The man may find unpleasant. On the other hand: A System that produces so necessary losers, such as – for example – capitalism, to mark should not be surprised too stilted, when the less Successful other damage also changes the “total punch” to your place.

To the winner

Unfortunately, the whole is faltering self-empowerment of the young, who had been parked from the beginning to Lose in the corner, there, where the Young winner will become. A Song called “forever rich”: “you stand there like a homeless hobo, while I have Euros to burn / ‘Hafti, great shirt from Fendi!’, they say, although they don’t have’n / I smell envy / spite of your’m Hype / With Instagram Likes can you get a ice cream.”

A Song called “KMDF”. The a stands for “Coca makes you wet” and goes like this: “aaahhh, I throw’ a hundred grams of Schnuff in the air in the Club, and yell:’ bitch, breathe!’ / I’ll send druff the hookers and dance on command ‘Mambo No. 5′”.

Mr human have

The redemption from suffering, it is so, but again, only the stupidest Form of capitalism-hearing loss: aggressively flared success through status symbols. Critique of the system? Mr man posturing! Pity? Vilification of the poor, the Weak, and women! Walking in this world as though through knee-deep mud – but that doesn’t matter when wearing the most expensive shoes, the carts are lowered, and the women sprayed and hearing. “Shit, it’s time to Rolex, hooker, with the Chopard!” So, that one goes there now. So much potential – and then again only watches, cars, and coke briquettes.

a Pity. “The White Album” would have to be a small masterpiece – magnificent Beats, funky attitude and an MC who should be the aufwühlendste in this uniform Rap-country. Unfortunately, he is content but a little to often a little bit too early with the phrases and Beliefs, which manifest Shindy or Fler or Xatar or Farid Bang and Kollegah, or Bushido, or Ufo 361 also.

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