Students will be in for a day of dakwerker or healthcare


While Flanders is waiting for you on the 24th of October, no fewer than 490 young people in 17 of Hilly primary schools in a number of occupations to explore. At the 7 sites showed that professionals will give them the ins and outs of the business. The young people were also to lend a hand to the workers to get to know, like healthcare, the bus driver, dakwerker, and an IT programmer.

as a CNC freezer, stellingbouwer, or a technologist in medical imaging: how have the professions that are in vriendenboekjes of young people, will be found under the heading, ” what do you want to be later’. Unknown is unloved, and that will lead to a new shortage occupations where there is less than applicants to report it.

However, there are certainly young people who have the ability to be precise in these professions, and a booming career. The only condition is that they are at a young age, these types of jobs to learn, and then you have a choice to make, which will give you access to these areas.

you can see the size of the Provincial development Agency (POM) Limburg, the VDAB, in the province of Limburg and The house of technical professions, the best have a great deal of effort to deliver. For instance, they could (for the third time) in the provincial edition of the ” Flanders is waiting for you. With great success, as over 500 students were able to test, in which the jobs of their interests and their talents are shown to their best advantage. The “waiting for you, it is not only a fun trip, but it is also a part of the process by which children become aware of their abilities, within the framework of a proper choice of study”, says Tinne Lommelen, managing director of the VDAB, in the region of Limburg.

minister for the Economy, and the president of POM Limburg, and Tom Vandeput, adds: “in view of the major challenges in the Limburg labour market, it is a combination of a variety of actors is needed in order to pupils as far as possible, to give you a flavor of the wide range of different jobs in different sectors such as health care, logistics, metal, or a construction site.”