Shelves that are gradually emptying. War in Ukraine, explosion of electricity prices, shortage of fuel… All these events have led to shortages in French supermarkets and, the bad news is that it is not over. The heavy loads weighing on farmers will lead to new shortages in stores, warns the FNSEA.

Quoted by Ouest-France, the union explains that farmers are “very worried” because the sector is “still far from the tariff shield that we were calling for”. Farmers began negotiations this week with distributors for 2023 and, according to the FNSEA, “very strict application of the Food Law” is needed to take into account the rising costs of agricultural production.

How can these tensions be explained? The local daily cites in particular “avian flu, drought and the decline in animal herds”. The energy crisis is also in question, especially for energy-intensive production, such as tomatoes (in greenhouses).

As Planet explained to you on Thursday, foods are already at risk of rupture due to the lack of eggs:

In addition to these foods that could be missing from the shelves, which are the most in tension because of the difficulties mentioned by the FNSEA? Bad news, these are basic products of our diet… Find out which ones below.