Car breakdown: the 10 least reliable models


Infinite research on the internet, visits to the dealership and many hesitations… faced with an expanding offer, buying a car can be much more complicated than expected. The purchase of a car already representing a substantial budget, imagine if it often breaks down? To make it easier for you and avoid unpleasant surprises, here are the cars on sale in 2023 that break down most often.

Choosing a reliable car that doesn’t break down often is crucial so you don’t spend your afternoons at the garage. Also, repairs for some car brands can be very expensive and drive up your annual budget quite quickly.

The reliability index of a car is a unit of measurement taking into account the number of repairs necessary for it to remain functional. It is calculated out of 100; the lower it is, the worse the reliability and the more repairs will be required. As L’Auto-Journal explains, several consumer associations have collaborated to examine the cars and make a classification of the more or less reliable on the market…

The brands with the best reliability rates are Lexus, Subaru and Toyota. As usual, the Japanese brands get the best scores, with 95/100, 93/100 and 91/100 respectively. Seat, Dacia and Skoda also regularly obtain good reliability rates. As you will have understood, certain models and brands are known to have more or less low reliability rates. Check them out here!