The Zurich police is testing the first vehicle with hydrogen


Monday – Zurich police first response vehicle with water stoffdie the Canton of Zurich police Department has been testing starts on Monday, and a test phase with a hydrogen-powered patrol vehicle. The strategy of the sustainability of the vehicle fleet reaches a further stage.Matteo Bonomo0 KommentareAm Monday, the cantonal police of Zurich is launching a test phase with a hydrogen-powered patrol vehicle. Canton police ZürichDas new vehicle, a Hyundai Nexo, is the first hydrogen-powered vehicle, which meets the basic requirements of an emergency vehicle. Canton police ZürichDas new patrol vehicle is stationed at dübendorf. There, among other things, the suitability, as well as the lifetime to be determined.Canton police ZürichPer the end of 2020, the proportion of vehicles with alternative propulsion, in the case of the police of the Canton of Zurich 17.9 percent.Canton police Zürich1 / 4

In 2003, the Zurich cantonal police launched a fleet of a strategy for the sustainability of your vehicle. Meanwhile, about 18 percent of the vehicles with alternative propulsion systems in service – gas-powered vehicles, hybrid vehicles, and since February 2020, a fully electric Audi e-tested-tron.

the fleet of the Kapo’s vehicles to a special use of the car richer. Since Monday, the Zurich cantonal police is testing a hydrogen powered patrol vehicle with complete equipment for use on highways, as it says in the media release. The new vehicle is based in dübendorf.

the First hydrogen-powered vehicle, the requirements have been met

The hydrogen car is a Hyundai Nexo. It is with a special signal system, a descendant of measurement, an accident, a memory, a positioning system, a radio device and with the signal collectors, shut-off, rescue, photo, and personal protection equipment. The vehicle is the first hydrogen-powered vehicle that meets the basic requirements of an emergency vehicle, the traffic police in the Canton of Zurich. Now, to be determined cost with the testing of this vehicle to Reach 300’000 kilometers for the accurate operation as well as the suitability for use in the police everyday and the life.

in addition to the consistent further development of the vehicle fleet, and also on targeted driver training, contributed in recent years to reduce the fuel consumption of service vehicles.

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