in Ambulances, emergency response special squads and a trauma helicopter were Wednesday evening mass called out at amsterdam’s Schiphol airport. What, exactly, is going on, it is still not clear. A passenger on board, reporting to our editor that it’s going to be a false alarm. The aircraft has been cleared, police at this time, the plane, the baggage and the passengers.

According to the daily newspaper The Telegraph is first checked, as the Municipal Health services (GGD), and the Director of Public Health, the public health service and the GHOR (Medical response organisation in the Region.

According to the public broadcaster, NOS, is it going to be a Grip 3 report, which means that there is a potential threat to the well-being of the people within a community.

as for The alarm, which is assumed to be from a plane that was ready to leave was standing to the capital, Madrid. The board would be in a passenger told the flight crew and the whole security procedure is initiated. The captain would be the kapingscode key. On the plane, there were still only 27 passengers when it went wrong, reports that a passenger on board of our editorial team. The other passengers were at the gate, right?

now, The affected aircraft have been evacuated. The police have found the phone in the meantime and enter it to get to the field. Also, the passenger and the baggage will be checked through. The other aircraft at the D-pier is allowed to be nations. It would end up to be a false alarm, to confirm that the carrier of the respective device.

“It’s an alarm for the hijack, it was accidentally activated, so that the whole security procedure is initiated. All the passengers are safe and secure and it will be soon and the flight can continue. And I’m sorry”, you hear it on Twitter.

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