Less than a month from the end of the summer holidays, many students have still not found accommodation. Many cities are indeed affected by a shortage of student accommodation leading to an explosion in rents, reports BFM Immo. Different solutions and tips can nevertheless allow students to find a roof and financial aid for the start of the school year.

According to a LocService study, rental tension has particularly increased in recent years in Angers, where there have been four requests for available accommodation. In this city, student rents have increased by 11.6% since 2019. Over the same period, student rents have also increased by 9.7% in La Rochelle and 8.5% in Lyon. This year, a severe housing shortage also affected Lille, as indicated by an article from the local branch of BFM. Conversely, Paris is no longer among the top 10 tightest cities when it comes to student accommodation, which has led to a recent drop in rents.

Residences would also lack space to accommodate students. In France, there are thus only 380,000 places in private or public residences for 2.7 million students. According to the UNEF student union quoted by MCE, only 16.25% of students could have access to university accommodation. In response, Emmanuel Macron had promised, from 2017, the construction of 60,000 additional homes. Currently, only 30,000 have been built. Universities are therefore increasingly likely to invest with their funds.

Faced with this shortage, here are the different accommodation solutions offered to students and some tips to find what you are looking for.