Alex Galchenyuk no longer wants to relive the troubling situation he got himself into two weeks ago. In a written statement, he admitted Tuesday to having problems with substance use and indicated that he had joined the assistance program set up by the NHL and the Players’ Association.

A few days ago, the former Canadian was arrested by police in Scottsdale, Arizona. He was charged with, among other things, committing a hit-and-run on private property, disturbing public order, resisting arrest and uttering threats to a police officer.

In particular, he allegedly claimed that he was going to “end [the] lineage” of a peace officer, to whom he also allegedly hurled racist insults. He spent a night in jail.

The one who had just signed a contract with the Arizona Coyotes saw his agreement be immediately terminated by the organization.

In a statement he shared on social media, Galchenyuk said he was “deeply ashamed of [his] recent behavior.” He apologizes to “everyone [he has] offended and hurt,” even “abandoned.”

He calls his “unwarranted” behavior “horrible”, which had the effect of “ruining the chance that [him] had been given by the Coyotes”.

“My family expected me to be better, the Coyotes and their amazing fans deserve better. The brave police officers who risk their lives to protect ours deserve better too. I abandoned them all by my despicable and disrespectful behavior after drinking alcohol,” he adds.

By joining the Player Assistance Program, he hopes to “never repeat a mistake like the one” he made in Scottsdale.

The Canadiens’ first-round pick (3rd overall) in 2012, Galchenyuk has so far scored 146 goals and 354 points in 654 NHL games.

Since leaving Montreal in the summer of 2018, the now 29-year-old American has never found stability again: in five seasons, he has played for seven different teams. His rights also belonged to two other formations, of which he however never wore the uniform.

His most recent contract with the Coyotes was to mark his third stint in Arizona.