(Faro) PSG star striker Kylian Mbappé reaffirmed on Thursday that “staying at the club” was his “only option at the moment”, refusing to expand on the showdown with the capital club and his refusal to go beyond the end of his contract in 2024.

“I’ve already answered, I said my goal is to continue, to stay at the club, that’s my only option at the moment. I’m ready to come back for the resumption […] I didn’t think a letter could kill or offend anyone, “said the 2018 world champion of the letter sent Monday to Parisian leaders to notify them of his decision to do not activate the option for an additional year at PSG.

Present in his capacity as captain of the France team at the conference on the eve of the match against Gibraltar, in qualifying for Euro-2024, Mbappé was also asked about the reaction of PSG, which now says it is ready to sell it. this summer if he persists in his desire not to extend his lease in Paris. The player replied that he was not “shocked”.

“No, there’s not much that shocks me,” he snapped. “And the reactions, they don’t matter to me.”

He also denied having parasitized the gathering of the Blues by sending his letter four days before an international match, claiming twice that the journalists’ questions be directed to the France team.

“I accept everything, people can talk, criticize, I understand, he said. People don’t have all the ins and outs. I know why I do what I do and I say what I say. There’s nothing wrong with that.”

“I have a responsibility as captain, it’s not a few noises that will make me run away from this responsibility. It’s not my nature to run away,” he added.

Mbappé was also questioned about Emmanuel Macron’s reaction on Wednesday, the head of state having assured that he would “try to push” for him to stay at PSG.

“He wants me to stay in Paris and my goal is to stay so we’re on the same page,” he replied. Will the president have any influence on his career? “On my career, as of June 2023, none,” he also retorted.