Listing all the products possibly contaminated and dangerous to health sold in each brand, the Rappel Conso site has mentioned 6,466 since its creation in March 2021, including 777 products since January 1, 2023, and 111 just for this month of May. So, which products are affected by recalls this week? Find the list in our slideshow below.

Have you already purchased this product? Want to get reimbursed but don’t know how? Do not panic, numbers exist to be able to be reimbursed. However, you will have to call these telephone numbers before the use-by date. You will find all the numbers for consumer services directly on the brands’ websites.

If you have already consumed these products and you feel the presence of several symptoms such as fever, stomach aches, headaches, body aches… Contact your doctor immediately, who will be able to refer you on what to do, and get rid of these products as soon as possible.

Also, the next time you go to your supermarket to do your shopping, remember to take a look at the Rappel Conso site, to check if the foods you want to buy are not on their list. Go to our slideshow below to find the list of products recalled this week. If your cupboards and fridges contain some of them: be sure to throw them in the trash.