Fifteen acres of Land in Northern Zambia. Mutundu this sparsely populated country is called dash, close to the border with the Congo. Surrounded by thin forest, there is a cabbage field, a tomato field, chickens and a greenhouse.

Jan Grossarth

editor in the business, responsible for “people and economy”.

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It is the Farm of Daniel Ngosa. He is a former engineer in the mining industry. Most of the engineers in the many mines of the so-called copper belt come from abroad, because there are too few Zambian. They come from South Africa, India, China or Europe. But Daniel is a Zambian engineer, and he earned significantly more money than the thousands of simple miners, the pick-up underground copper ore.

Race to Feed the World

In the future, 9 billion people live on earth. How will you be sick and tired without that the Planet is collapsing? For a year we are looking for answers.

Mr Ngosa got when he went to stand in front of a few years in retirement, a lump-sum settlement. He lived not how the majority of Zambians, until the money runs out and the children take on the support. He bought from the money of the country. The first three acres, then some more.

16 000 Kwacha, or the equivalent of 1200 Euro cost him the. ,,Today, I no longer could afford the Land,” he says, ,,it would cost a Million Kwacha.” The Land and house prices in Zambia have risen vertiginously.

Now you have the Knowledge

What is it? Why the Land is suddenly so valuable? The Internet has arrived. And in order to Know. The Knowledge of the scarcity of Land in Zambia is sparsely populated, but in the neighbouring countries such as Namibia, Tanzania, especially in South Africa. The Knowledge that the world’s population and, above all, that Africa is growing and not growing, the country but. Also the Knowledge of more productive agriculture is arrived methods.

Ngosa sitting at his Smartphone. He says: “in the past, we would not have known what’s going on in the world. Today, we know it. Everywhere in the world, Land is scarce. Farmers are sold, investors want to buy Land. We now know what our country is in Zambia.“


the farmer Then Daniel shows, 52 years old, some of the movies from the Facebook page of his Farm of the cooperative “Premier Green View Farm”. As he trained the farmers of the surrounding villages. To harvest as you learn, with hybrid seeds, fertilizers, and fungicides.

As you learn about animal diseases and keeping chickens. In the example of this courtyard, you see the hunger for knowledge is satisfied tens of thousands of African small-scale farmers suddenly on a new path. A Smartphone in a municipality is sufficient. The Smartphone is not arrived in most of the villages of Zambia, where many millions of small farmers live. In Nkolemfumu, the village in which this paper was accompanied by a year, the small farmers, Felix Kangwa.

Here in Mutundu, you can see what it brings New. And that with the prosperity comes, the returnees from the towns or the mining industry, some day in their villages to bring their own. Daniel used to be in the area mining engineer. He worked underground, in the darkness and heat of the earth. ,,Sometimes,” he says Seriously, “I miss the noise of the machines.”

agent farmer learning layers

From agriculture – a means for poor people to work in Zambia, he understood nothing, as he owned the Land then. He learned helpers in agriculture by the state or by Western development. He learned in training by the Sino-Swiss agro-chemical group Syngenta. This was in Lusaka, the capital. Since only farmers with agriculture not learned otherwise – it is earlier engineers such as Daniel, senior teacher, retired, were nurses.