This Thursday, June 15, 2023, the sun is gaining ground everywhere in France. In the morning, beautiful clearings are expected over three quarters of the country, according to Météo France. However, a few low clouds will settle in the sky from Aquitaine to the Toulouse South. A denser cloud cover will extend from Poitou-Charentes to the plains of the South-West. Fog banks may be added locally.

This morning, temperatures are between 11 and 20°C from north to south. The mercury will be highest on the Aquitaine coast and around the Mediterranean. In the afternoon, the highs will reach 27 to 30°C. From the center to the Seine valley and from Languedoc-Roussillon to the lower Rhône valley, 32°C are expected. On the other hand, on the Channel coasts and the tip of Brittany, temperatures will fluctuate between 21 and 25°C.

This afternoon, the day will be dry and hot over a large part of the country, the morning grayness will gradually dissipate to give way to a beautiful summer sun. The sky will remain temporarily cloudy from the tip of Brittany to the center and over the eastern regions.

On the other hand, from 1 p.m., the sky will be changing over the southern Alps, the Côte d’Azur and Corsica. These areas will be prone to instability and showers. Over the Limousin and western Auvergne to the south of the Massif Central and Haut-Languedoc, clouds will also develop during the day and will lead to a few stormy showers, reports Météo France. Several departments are on the alert storms and floods. Discover in our slideshow below the 22 departments on alert this Thursday, June 15, 2023. What will the weather be like where you are?