Spat to the Lauberhorn-finances – The public sector must be secured to the myth and save the future of the Lauberhorn race. Possible Federal councillor Viola Amherd and the Canton of Bern, which supported the Event financially stronger has made.Marco Oppliger3 Kommentare3Das spectacle on the Lauberhorn is allowed to go on.Photo: Keystone

not you did some criticism. Swiss Ski President Urs Lehmann to understand accused the organizers of the Lauberhorn race, among other things, lack of of of marketing. Because your occasion despite Record deficit. Urs Näpflin, the Wengener OK-President, spoke meanwhile of it, the Association of wool refuse its Event head. This is because Swiss-Ski had requested the International ski Federation FIS to delete the Lauberhorn race from the provisional calendar 2021/22.

the two sit in the media centre of the Federal home – page-to-page – and smile. This was made possible by Federal councillor Viola Amherd. On of you convened a round table in which the Bernese government President Christoph Ammann and Fospo Director Matthias Remund were present, the parties to the conflict.

“We have conducted intensive discussions were very constructive,” says Amherd. And then announces: “the implementation of The Lauberhorn race is ensured to many more years.” That you turned on at all, shows the beam power of the occasion.

The property is the action to pull back

First of all, all of the parties make clear, however, that you want to mention any Details. Because the written agreement is placed in the next few days and signed. Once this step is done, the race, the organizers of the Lauberhorn your lawsuit before the International court of arbitration for sport CAS to pull back.

This is the biggest point of contention is managed from the world. The Wengener were reached in 2018 to the CAS, because you demanded of Swiss-Ski, as the legal owner of a Million Swiss francs per year in additional money. An intermediate judgment of the CAS is likely to have placed that you could get away with it.

Swiss Ski President Urs Lehmann (left) and OK-in-chief, Urs Näpflin agreed, thanks to the help of Federal councillor Viola Amherd.Photo: Keystone

Lehmann, however, made it clear from the beginning that the Association of this amount, neither wants to pay can pay. Therefore, he threatened to cancel the occasion. This request of Swiss-Ski, however, withdrew on Sunday after it had received a donation of the Bernese entrepreneur Jörg Moser of over 300’000 Swiss francs, which is roughly equivalent to the structural deficit of a sweep.

This paved the the way for an agreement with the organizers. And he makes a further step on you, with Lehmann of “Vision 2023” speaks, from which all the organizers of world Cup races in Switzerland would benefit. One can understand this Statement as a sign that the Association will increase its financial support.

the Canton of Berne met Lehmann’s claim

the Wengener add to the solution, by sharing the coveted advertising space on the dog hair. In the next year there is likely to be an archway, so that the OK can generate additional revenue.

“Both parties have made a big step towards each other,” says Näpflin. His measure helps to reduce the deficit – but it will not be repaid in order. Here, the Canton of Berne comes into play. He will contribute financially more to the occasion – thanks to the tourism promotion act, the since the into effect in 2018.

The law allows for the Canton of Berne, to talk annual contributions from 500’000 to 900’000 Swiss francs. How high are the participation will be, not wanted to Ammann say, because he needs to discuss business with his councillor colleagues. He was confident, however, that this will put no obstacles in the way.

it will be the organizers of the races in Adelboden, should, with them, the government will also lead discussions. Thus, the public sector meets a demand Lehmanns. This had already criticised the fact that the Valais and the Grisons involved more at your events.

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