In the sixteenth finals of the uefa Champions League is Davinia Vanmechelen, Wednesday, with the Dutch club, Twente, 2-4) to win on the field, Austria-St. Pölten. The 20-year-old Red, a Flame started at the base, and a minute-by-affluiten to the direction taken.

finally, In the 75th minute resulted in the middenveldster the assist for the 0 to 4. Fenna kalma superior, who was also in the 10th, and on the 29th of march (penalty) minute scored, and had made their hat-trick will be complete. Ashleigh Weerden (22) was between 0 to 2 at its own expense. In the final stage, halveerden This Scharnbock (82nd) and Bernadett Zagor (84th) in the gap. The second leg will be two weeks of play. (the eu position).