The rat got talent. Three Young storms over the quay at the Albert Dock, a piebald cat looks after them, curious. You know the rodents are here, you are probably suffered. Tourists scan, the cat. After that, you can in addition take a Hot Dog with Fries from the vintage Camper. Ketchup, mustard and Mayo in a discarded cell phone. Which is, of course, fire-red, and finally, we are in Liverpool. But Attention! On the lanterns, the silver lurking gulls, and the large, greedy and merciless, but.

the birthplace of The Beatles staged in a already long successfully as a nucleus of Pop, swinging and in bright colors. There are more street musicians as beggars, sometimes a combination of both, like the old Tim, who plays in his clown suit, year in and year out in the City Centre on a guitar without strings and without melody sings, on a tone. No matter, he gets his Pennies, the Liverpudlians see in the Absurd, the Original, have a heart for anything Weird and Naughty – and we’re back to the gulls.

cool guys doing their thing

In Liverpool, you are not only on the water, on the move, you monitor the whole of the city centre. Of houses, towers, roof eaves you can watch the Goings-on in the cafes, Fast Food Shops and kiosks in the pedestrian zones, below, and Woe, one is its Pizza, the Burger, or Bagel. The way you are. The seagulls terrorized the City Centre, whined to the newspaper “Liverpool Echo”. It’s cool guys, do your thing, be other found and established a private Facebook page. Now, the birds with the Terminator-view Social Media-celebrities, art objects, and their Fans are tired of not getting new photo spreads in the network.

Back to the art so that the nights in Mathew Street, once the “Fab Four” played, and their epigones about to rock in the “Cavern Club” and “SGT Peppers” every night, like there is here the everyday life is soaked like beer there is no Tomorrow. There are, for example, obvious on the tops of the towers of the “Royal Liver Building” on the Harbor, Bertie and Bella, the two huge Liver Birds. This cormorant-like animal is the emblem bird of the city, and it collects as a foreigner points it in the correct “laiver” to pronounce.

in addition, the superlamb pineapple, visually and linguistically, a hybrid of lamb and banana, pop, fiber glass sculptures in Kuhgröße, the since 2008, when Liverpool is capital of culture of Europe was, in many Places accents. For the city of the Beatles ‘ cult was not only the way out of the crisis after the economic decline of the seventies. He was also the initial spark to rise to a cultural metropolis in the traditionally poor North of England. Since 2008 has developed an impressive momentum of its own. Art in the public space takes on many forms, and applies not only to the viewer, be it Liverpudlian or a visitor. She is the impetus and inspiration for the further development of the city itself. The rats from the Albert Dock are the best example of that. Because they are an art installation.

art and Commerce Hand in Hand

sculptor Faith Bebbington has created the Super Council, the four-metre great white mother animal, made from recycled plastic bottles and installed them years ago on a Graffiti-strewn factory wall in the dilapidated “Baltic Triangle”, an industrial wasteland close to the dock facilities. The curious came, the Newspapers wrote, there was interest in a quarter, on the already the Damocles sword of the crash. The city approved the renovation. Large factory halls were divided into many small workshops, studios, offices, Start-ups and artists will be offered to cheaper Leased property and Faith Bebbington made it from the edge to the middle. Your from the city in order to rats, children and their persecutors, a thousand plastic bottles of existing Ship’s Cat from the Albert Dock, could you set up now diagonally opposite the Tate Modern, a cultural accolade. They were in 2018, in addition to the Beatles sculpture at the Pier Head, the most popular photo motif of Liverpool and advanced from the Underground to the Mainstream.