Auto: the green sticker removed from the windshield next year


Affixed to the windshield of your car, it is a document that you must have with you. The green sticker allows law enforcement to check at a glance that the motorist is indeed covered by car insurance. However, as Bruno Le Maire announced on Tuesday September 20, it will soon disappear.

Having become obsolete, it is no longer really of interest now that the police and gendarmes have access to this data by computer. Indeed, as explains, the latter automatically consult the File of Insured Vehicles, on which they can ensure the legality of several documents: the registration of your car, the name of your insurer but also your contract number and end date. Since a double check was unnecessary, it was only looked at by law enforcement in rare cases.

This request to remove the sticker from the windshield comes from the insurers themselves according to the information site, in order to simplify the procedures. Bruno Le Maire heard their request and therefore announced work in this direction with the insurance and mutual insurance sectors, for the disappearance of the document during the year 2023.

During this point with the press, the Bercy tenant also explained that he had “asked insurers to make an effort to limit the average amount of insurance premiums below inflation, to prevent prices from soaring”. Good news for all those whose budget is already well impacted by inflation on food products and daily essentials.