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How sing Roger Daltrey in the chorus of a song-a tribute to Elvis Presley the priceless The Who, “that’s a real good looking boy”. Yes, Ronan Farrow is a guy really handsome. The prevalence -word as a fashion of the genes of Mia Farrow in their appearance is more than obvious. The young journalist (age 32), educated at Yale and student of the very prestigious Magdalen College, Oxford (which has stapled to its name, the Oscar Wilde and C. S. Lewis, among others), presents the typical pint of “wasp” new yorker, winner, “cool”, the media (had my own program on NBC). It is paired with the comedian and “podcaster” Jon Lovett , writer of speeches for Barack Obama and scriptwriter of the tv series the Newsroom.

But Ronan has not been limited to look-palm in the parties of the high society of the city that never sleeps. It is known for having contributed to uncover from the pages of the New Yorker the scandal of sexual abuse by the film producer, Harvey Weinstein , exclusive that triggered the movement “Me Too” and we did win the Pulitzer in 2018. And for having been the scourge of his father, Woody Allen , accused of sexual assault by his adopted daughter, Dylan Farrow , when this had seven years. Allen has always denied these accusations.

“I Think my sister” , wrote Ronan. “Even at five years old I was worried about the strange behavior of our father around you: sneak into your bed in the middle of the night, forcing her to suck her finger, behavior that should have led to his entry into therapy…”.

“You didn’t have your story”, is in solidarity with Dylan in Predators (published in Spain by Rock), which adjusts accounts with Weinstein, Allen and their bosses, television, blind to other cases of abuse within the own NBC.

Has broken up with his publisher, Hachette , by publishing the memoirs of his father, “one more example of the privilege that granted the power, the money and the fame.” The book of the journalist-“celebrity”, however, errs on the side of “yoísmo” and has been criticized by Ben Smith, columnist of The New York Times: “what Is Ronan Farrow too good to be true? Has submitted a report revealing about some of the stories defining of our time. But a close examination reveals the weaknesses in the era of the journalism of resistance”.