If ever on your account you discover: a transfer labeled “REMB TAX REVENUS” from “DGFIP FINANCES PUBLIQUES”: Monday July 24 or Wednesday August 2. Don’t worry, it’s not a mistake. But a tax refund due to an overpayment of tax at source during 2022.

If the error exists, it is on the contrary in your favor. This dates back to last year, in the heart of summer, when 13.7 million households received a reimbursement from the Directorate General of Public Finances (DGFiP) for an average amount of 840 euros. A situation which concerns “those whose final tax for the year 2023 on their 2022 income was ultimately lower than what the tax authorities deducted at source from your salaries and other resources throughout the year 2022.” , explains the MoneyVox website. Clearly, the tax authorities announce a refund “if the amount deducted in 2022 is greater than the final amount of your tax, or if you are entitled to a refund of reductions or tax credits”. Now, you are certainly wondering how to know the date of this famous transfer.

Well, you are absolutely right to ask yourself the question. But you’re going to be a little disappointed, if you’re ever concerned. Because, and it should be known, for technical reasons of management of important flows specific to the DGFiP, reimbursements take place each year in two bursts. In fact, it is therefore unfortunately impossible to know in advance if you are concerned by one or the other of the two dates. So, if the tax authorities have announced a refund to you at the end of your annual declaration, you will see a transfer from the DGFiP Public Finances “either on July 24 or August 2, 2023”. But there is still a way to check if you are indeed concerned by this transfer.

There is only one way to check if you are affected by this tax transfer. To make sure whether or not you are affected by this tax transfer, check the income tax notice. The latter details precisely and definitively the amount remaining to be paid or what the tax authorities must reimburse you. In case the tax authorities do not have your bank details. Don’t worry, you will receive a check letter. These payment dates roughly correspond to the calendar for the availability of 2023 tax notices, the site specifies. Then comes the stage of the famous transfer.

To sum up, and if you are indeed concerned, the precise amount of the transfer from which you will benefit in the coming days is therefore shown on your ASDIR (notice of declaratory situation of income tax), available now for most households on your private space on impots.gouv.fr. To find out if you are going to receive a transfer in the middle of summer or if you will have to pay a balance during September (withdrawal scheduled for September 25). Same solution: you can also find out what the balance (positive or negative) of your 2023 tax is by returning to your personal space and consulting your ASDIR, a temporary document while waiting for your tax notice. Up to you.