At 56, the actress Sophie Marceau is still adored by the French. The star, who had met with success as a teenager thanks to the film La Boum, caused a sensation with each of his appearances. Whether on the red carpet of festivals, during the climb of the steps in Cannes or at the Paris Book Festival, this April 22, 2023.

The ex-companion of Christophe Lambert had come to present his new work, a collection of poems, entitled La Souterraine, the release of which is scheduled for May 4. On this occasion, many fans took over the hall of this festival in order to be able to approach the idol of their youth. Smiling, Sophie Marceau played the game in front of the photographers present to immortalize this moment.

Over the years, the actress has become more and more reluctant to confide in her private life, in particular because of the harassment she has suffered from the paparazzi. The latter did not hesitate to cross the red line to have scoops, even if it means taking all the risks. This is what she had declared to Figaro in 2021 on the occasion of the promotion of her next film.

“You give that, then after that we take that from you, so I become a little suspicious. I no longer want everything to be interpreted or reduced to private things”, she had declared and to continue: “When you are photographed without your knowledge as soon as you leave your house and drones park in front of your windows, there is something to withdraw into, right? It’s all the time, it’s continuous, I don’t even know what “they have in their stocks or in their archives… What should I do? Take a gun and shoot the drones? I don’t have a gun”.

Discover in photos the remarkable appearance of Sophie Marceau at the Paris Book Festival.