With the word Eyjafjallajökull, the air travel industry connects to no Good. The Icelandic volcano put the 2010 European air traffic for several days is lame. Because there was no empirical data on how much ash can handle an engine, remained as a precautionary measure, all on the ground. 10 million passengers were affected, the European Commission estimated the economic damage at EUR 4 billion.

Anna-Lena Niemann


F. A. Z.

the limits have been set, because the engines provide not only thrust, but also more and more data. You monitor your technical health and be able to say thanks to Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning; a Problem so do not diagnose, its symptoms are still visible. In the case of the engine manufacturer Rolls-Royce the Whole “Intelligent Engine”. Intelligent is the Design of the engines. Engineers took two days, the parameters of a design, calculate, and provides an algorithm for the same period in 2000 today Designs.

Then 3D-models in a Virtual Reality laboratory, right up to the last screw apart, measured and put together. The principle of the digital twin is also vital to the service business of the British, which accounts for half of the total revenue. 9000 engines are taken care of in 70 service centers worldwide. After each flight, they transmit data to the Central unit.