The auto industry is caught between the times: All the talk of electric drive and Autonomous Driving. However, until it is so far, the manufacturers of conventional models. Hardly anywhere this Transition is as clear as on the Auto Show in Los Angeles.

Yet more PS-Party for the Hollywood Elite and joyful end to the car of the year as a serious Industry event, she uses the weakness of the Paris salon and the Detroit Auto Show in January. So many groundbreaking innovations such as this year in California. The Motor Show takes up to and including Sunday, may 9.December.

in addition to the rather evolutionary than revolutionary Porsche 911, especially the two firsts are important. The first one is the Gladiator, with the Jeep brand after a long break again a Pick-up builds, and a Segment that stands alone in the States for more than 2.5 million registrations and is now the most brave against all innovations, has locked. That is why the Wrangler derived pickup truck is a car from the old grist and grain with a ladder frame and conventional internal combustion engines.

self-igniting gasoline against electric motors

The second is the Mazda3, which now as a hatchback and a notchback saloon, the fourth start – up against Golf & Co. In an increasingly digital and electrical world, he puts on quite analog values and wants to convince with a new Aesthetic.

Also under the hood, Mazda is swimming against the current. Yes, it is for the Otto group, a Mild-Hybrid. But the real Sensation is in the HCCI engine, the ignite is the first gasoline engine like a Diesel auto and up to 30 percent more fuel efficient.

The stark design at Kia, where the Soul goes straight into the second Generation and for the German market only with electric motor. But there is much more: Audi delivers with the near-series E-Tron GT, the future-proof answer to the Porsche 911.


On the platform of the coming electric Porsche Taycan the lords of the rings have drawn a beautiful four-door, on top of that fascinating driving performance promises: Two motors with a total of 590 HP to balance in 3.5 seconds on Tempo 100, and the 90 battery capacity may be sufficient for more than 400 kilometers. The car should pretty much go exactly like in the series, as it is to see in Los Angeles, promises to be head of design Marc Lichte.