The poor men! Now you need to deliver to, because the women have delivered. Copyright of Argumentation and choice of words Michael Müller. As a sports Director in the German Boxing Federation (DBV) said, the operative functionary bluntly, is nothing else than that the men should kindly come to the course with the Boxing of women in the professional Association as role models. “The women have set the bar high,” says Müller, and refers to Ornella Wahner and Nadine is one of them, the Championships, recently decorated with medal of the world-in New Delhi have come back home. Ornella Wahner with Gold, the Neuroscientist Nadine is one of them with Bronze. “There’s something happening here”, Müller, prospects for the 2020 Olympic games in Tokyo. And the Department of men?

your German championship on the weekend in Mühlhausen came to power. The crucial question of the Federal coach: of those Who presented themselves in Thuringia, has the stuff to be able to international? Where it is already in the national title fight, plenty of international. For the past three years, 15 up to the elite class, namely, of the U: Who has his residence in Germany, a member of the German club and one from the DBV-issued fight pass has allowed to start. It is safe to assume: Who scores in the Ring, accelerated the naturalization process, so it is sought. With the Opening for Boxer beyond the German borders of the DBV has responded to the wave of refugees and, at the same time benefits. Eight of the nine current German champion in the fly weight (Osama Ali Mohamed) to super heavy weight (Nelvie Tiafack) are evidence of the Amateur Boxing lived Integration.

If the point would have played judge, would have been handed out instead of Cologne Ibragim Bazuev in Baden-Württemberg living Mehmet Nadir Unal after the finals in the light heavyweight division, the winner’s certificate. Nadir is a Turkish master, was for his homeland at the Olympic Games in Rio in the Ring. “I think it’s good,” says Michael Timm mode, making it difficult for the squad boxers to decorate with mostly Laurel. Who don’t put themselves in their own country against hochkarätigere opponent, not going to make it until right at international Championships. The Potential in the world-class, was present, claimed Eddie Bolger. The Irishman is tied in for two years, head coach and contract two more years with the DBV. In his home he has made for the world champion from the island, and in New Delhi with Timm at his side last skeptics in the camp of the DBV convinced. “The Input from the outside did us good”, Müller is also full of praise. The coach squad was getting on in years and, thus, the “methodological design”.