Shortage of mustard: 6,000 euros for two pots, really?


This is an announcement that has aroused the anger of Internet users. Two 850-gram jars of mustard for 6,000 euros, and you’ll even get the little one offered for that price! This is the astronomical price at which this famous condiment is offered in an advertisement noticed by France Bleu Hérault. “I suggest you brighten up your life with this magnificent offer. Admittedly the price is a bit high, but you have to live well”, writes Fabien on Facebook. As the regional radio site reports, a resident of La Calmette (Gard) published this surprising announcement on the Facebook Marketplace.

France Bleu Hérault found the young man living near Nîmes and asked him his motivations by publishing this announcement. It turns out that it was a simple joke aimed at making fun of the exorbitant advertisements for the sale of pots of mustard on the internet in full shortage. “When I saw that the guys were putting half-opened jars of mustard on sale there, and since I had these three jars myself at home, I thought I was going to make a joke”, explains Fabien . “By putting it at 6,000 euros plus the free pot, I deliberately overdid it. It was really for fun, but I didn’t think it would affect so many people,” he laments.

Fabien for France Bleu Hérault

If some understood the derision of this proposal, offering him for some to exchange “their three children” for the mustard pots, others took it seriously and did not fail to insult the young man copiously. , accusing him in particular of taking advantage of the current shortage of mustard to make money. “I receive hateful messages. I don’t understand. When I explain that it’s a joke, some end up apologizing,” he explained to France Bleu.

The ad, however, presented all the signs of a parody with, for example, a touch of humor and irony from Fabien, specifying in his text that he had “refused an exchange for a 1990 Clio”. The young man decided to put an end to the doubt and to call for calm by adding a mention in his ad stating that it was a simple joke that went wrong. “Double PS. Would it be possible to stop insulting me for 3 jars of mustard. Merki?”, he asked Internet users in order to calm things down.

In March 2022, the price of mustard had increased by 7.8% in one year. While the vagaries of the weather have drastically reduced production in Canada and France, prices are soaring and the product could soon be difficult to find in your supermarkets. The reason ? The price of mustard seed which soared, not because of the war in Ukraine, but because of the vagaries of the weather in France and Canada, the largest producer of mustard seed in the world. As reported on BFMTV Pierre Kupferman, editorialist, Dijon mustard, which is consumed the most in France, is produced with two types of seeds: Brassica juncea and Brassica nigra. However, the leading producer of these mustard seeds is Canada and the harvests were very poor in 2021 due to the heat wave last summer.

The Canadian Ministry of Agriculture announced at the end of the year that this season the production of mustard seeds had fallen by 28%, resulting in an explosion in the cost of the raw material. At the end of 2021, the price of a tonne of mustard was trading at 1,700 dollars, or just over 1,500 euros. The only good news is that production is “very good” this year,” according to Fabrice Guenin, president of the Association of Burgundy Mustard Seed Producers (APGMB) in the columns of Le Parisien. We will still have to wait to find out if mustard will make a comeback in supermarkets. In the meantime, Planet details 5 products to replace it.