Inflation continues on its way. In April 2023, according to INSEE figures, the price increase over one year was 5.9%. Regarding food prices, the figure is much higher since it was 15%.

However, not all properties are affected in the same way. Thus, the statistical institute reveals in particular that the price of fresh products has even fallen. Compared to the previous month, it fell by 2.9% in April.

Fruits and vegetables in particular seem not to be very affected by inflation. “We are attacking spring rather well. There is no alert situation: we have a normal supply for the season, in particular for the tomato-cucumber-strawberry triptych with rather contained inflation and satisfactory production”, explains thus Laurent Grandin, president of the interprofession of fresh fruits and vegetables (Interfel) with the Parisian.

“We have not experienced any frost episodes and production volumes are there. […] The products arriving on the market will have a price level similar to those of 2022 and some will even be lower” , he explains in the columns of Capital.

A reassuring situation for consumers. Especially since, as Françoise Roch, president of the National Federation of Fruit Producers (FNPF), confides to our colleagues from the Ile-de-France daily, “the further we go in the season, the more affordable the prices will be”.

Discover in our slideshow the list of fruits and vegetables spared by inflation in 2023, according to figures from FranceAgriMer-RNM revealed by Le Parisien.