Seksuologe She Vanwezemael took on Thursday place next to Natalia and Philippe Geubels in the chairs of “The smartest man in the world”. Its action is directly on the heel, are taken up by jury member Marc-Marie Huijbregts. “You can’t be right seksuologe to go to college, right? If you want to finish close to the study:” The show is set in, but She will see that she is the best for her little man to stand.

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Note: this article contains spoilers. Don’t read any further if you plan to do with this episode of The smartest man in the world ” to see.

Who’s the new person?

The newcomer was a Strong Vanwezemael. The auditors of the CHARITY to know her as a Seksuolotte the seksuologe of the program, the Generation-M .

Who is the winner?

She Vanwezemael popped out of the ground, and gave its position as a leader is not on. They ended up in 475 seconds, and was the winner of the show.

And the dog?

now, After three episodes, it’s game over for Natalia. Once the student has become the in the to ask a question about the bouquets, and showed Philippe Geubels strategic pockets. One response to Ben Affleck, he had enough for the singer to go home to play with.

Who will be the new Thursday night?

as an Actor, Jaak Van Assche, the legendary Jean De Pesser, from counterparts. , or Fernand Costermans, from F. C. are The champions .

the best prices were:

Philippe Geubels: on Erik Van Looy , after a tête-à-tête about the depression: “Depression is in the brain, and that is going to bring in no burden by this.”

Van Looy : “I need more pizza to eat by my doctor. Doctor Oetker.”

Van Looy : “If I put myself on the television to see it, shame on me for my smile.” Marc-Marie Huijbregts: : “it is Only for you to smile?”

This was the best moment:

She Vanwezemael was at “The gallery,” ten portraits of celebrities (for me). Seems to be a piece of cake, but they have been processed using the FaceApp, so all of the faces, and thirty years out of date were the same. After the completion, the candidates, and ronald mcdonald will be the FaceApp been met, and that resulted in some hilarious scenes. “For me, it doesn’t work,” joked Van Looy yet.


1. Philippe Geubels (4 episodes).

2. Natalia (3 numbers).

3. She Vanwezemael (2 episodes,)

4. Zouzou Ben Chikha (1 episode,)

5. Ann Wauters (1 episode)
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