The Belgian Agoria Team for the first time in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in Australia, the world championship for solar cars – won the game. The engineering students of the catholic university of Leuven, were the team of the Delft university of technology on the trail, when the wagon of the Dutch, the fire took hold.

The car NunaX at the TU Delft, has been completely destroyed after the vehicle caught on fire during the last days of the age of the World Solar Challenge in Australia. Tim, van, and the driver of the car, was not injured. It’s that the team is using social media to spread a bright fire to be seen. The car is no more.

in The car, at the University of Twente, it was the day before on the way to the side. Photo: EPA, EFE,

is The car at the TU Delft, was lying on top of the competition and, with only 250 of the 3021 miles-to-go, victory is there for the taking. Title of Delft, which is the World Solar Challenge seven times and won, and took the lead in the race on Wednesday, the team from the University of Twente. The team had Wednesday off for the race, because of solar Red to be severely damaged, it was after he was blown off by a strong gust of wind.

this is the first time in twenty years, the participation of the Delft-that’s the finish line is reached. What is the reason for the fire, according to the Vattenfall Team was still not clear.

‘ I smoke the smell of smoke and fire”.

“I’m right here, next to a burning pile of carbon,” said director Tim van Leeuwen of the NIS. “The horror and the disbelief that there is a very good. We drove the last stretch in the direction of Adelaide, and had another 250 miles to go. It was in a great location: we drove down tight to the pipe, with a 100-mile-per-hour, but at some point, I smelled a burning smell. I asked if the accompanying cars are behind me, and out of the car, but all the values were correct. When there is suddenly smoke in my coureurskuip walked in, I knew something went really wrong.” Van was in the car at the end and was a team-mate to “get out of the car again”.

in The car – it has a team of 14 months, was burned down and then completely off. The fire department had the fire quickly spread to the surrounding grass, have come to extinguish the fire.

the Belgian team will be a winner.

The Belgian Agoria, Team, that, on Wednesday advanced to the second place in the race, and after the fire, on Thursday at the head of it came to be located, has expressed on Twitter his support of the Population. The game was a neck-and-nekrace between the ku Leuven and tu Delft team. According to the Agoria Team driving some of the teams and their cars to the limit, and what serious consequences it may have.

The students of the catholic university of Leuven were the first to cross the finish line on the fifth day of the race for solar cars from the north to Darwin in Australia, in the southern city of Adelaide.

“here We are, with the whole team at the finish line for a celebration,” says Lynn De Haes, md, of the Agoria Team. “This is the first time that we will be world champion. We have yet to get it, but tonight we will feast at the Belgian beer bar in Adelaide.”

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