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The coronavirus has given a twist to the expectations of buyers, sellers and tenants. The society is preparing for a real-estate cycle atypical for which no one was prepared. The reactivation of the market has become to put in place the plans related to housing that many had left parked. Several experts have released their forecasts about what to expect on the activity, but the average citizen also has his opinion. A survey recently conducted by pisos.com it clarifies what are the prospects for the public:

1. Best buy to sell . After a few months of great confusion and total paralysis, the spaniards resume their day-to-day within the context that leads to all the country towards the new normal. We’ve had time to think and analyze the offer. The conclusion is that the population has not lost its desire to fulfill its vital project, so the 70.5% of the respondents believe that it is a good time to buy a home, while only 24.1% notes that will now be the perfect time to sell.

2. More supply rental . The lease is back on the agenda of the sector. The increase experienced by large cities began to refer to the beginning of the year, while public-private partnerships to increase the stock were starting to arise. The arrival of the COVID-19 was a parenthesis. Even so, respondents claim, in a 65.5% that now is an ideal time to rent, and 56.9% believe that homeowners should take advantage of to put their properties on rent.

3. Times bubble . The shadow of the crisis of 2008 is elongated. Most still have very vivid in his mind the memory of the last great earthquake that shook the foundations of the sector. Before a health situation unprecedented as we are still living in Spain, it is inevitable that they jump the alarms and all look back with a certain fear. The sample consulted by pisos.com it is conscious, therefore, 69.3% believed that it could again be a crisis like that of 2008.

4. Price low . Since 2014 the price of housing is going up in a sustained manner, without major spikes. While there are locations where the recovery from the previous crisis was rapid, still to day of today, were locations in which the adjustment had not reached its end. The emergency unleashed by the pandemic will be reflected in this indicator is essential. Thus, 80.4% of spaniards are convinced that prices will be lower in the remainder of the year.

5. Back to normal . The sales operations and the granting of mortgages suffered a tremendous setback during the quarantine, since the firms were suspended. Development companies, agencies, brokerage and other professionals of the sector continued teletrabajando. With the desescalada, are taking the steps to get you back to your bed. 42.9% believed that in 2022 it will reach the normal; 26.4% delayed to 2023; and just 20.5% what is possible in 2021.