Meanwhile, Vanwezemael the seksuologe recently, a high pitched, ” The smartest man in the world, it is to be an expert on the new season of ‘the Blind and married. Indicating that the VTM.

The 27-year-old Vanwezemael, also known as the ” Seksolotte’ on a radio station, CHARITY, and worked for the past few months, all of them in the fifth season of the popular program, which is this time, more than 3000 delegates registered.

“I am very pleased to join the board of the new series of Blind married,” said Vanwezemael. “We’ll have this summer to start to rotate, and the recording is still in progress. Our job, as experts, is partly behind its back, and its intense matchmaking is only a few months ago. Meanwhile, the participants with each other, just like that, so I wait in baited breath on how the further process will take of them.”

Also, a sex therapist, relationship, and the therapist He Works and is a psychologist with advanced training in relational matters, Sarah, Hertens go to the expertenteam, which the Danish professor Gert Martin Hald, and a sex therapist and an anthropologist Wim Slabbinck again to be part of it. Margo Van Landeghem and Sybille Vanweehaeghe it will no longer show up in the new season.

Meanwhile, Vanwezemael Photo: VTM is More about the Blind is married to the Victor of Blind married, take a difficult decision: “Every relationship is a give-and-take with Nuria from the Blind married shows off her body after giving birth to her second baby, Luca, and Nuria from the Blind married,’ will welcome a second baby, Luca, and Nuria from the ‘Blind-married’ to welcome second child