On the way to Amsterdam – German for almost two months at the airport in New DehliMehrere weeks, a 41 spent live Years in the transit area of the airport. Due to the Coronavirus to be more flight was cancelled. Back to Germany the man did not want to.0 KommentareEin man sleeps in the arrival hall of the international airport Indira Gandhi in New Delhi.Photo: Manish Swarup/Keystone

A German has almost two months in the transit area of the airport in the Indian capital of New Delhi, lived. Actually, the 41 wanted to-Year-olds are flying at the end of March from Hanoi via New Delhi to Istanbul, as an employee of the airport police of the German press Agency said.

His flight had been due to India’s Corona-measures deleted. The German Embassy informed him afterwards several times through the rear-travel opportunities to Germany, as it is known from the German foreign office. But according to Germany the man did not want it, because he feared his own words, according to the criminal prosecutions.

but he said that He made no application for an Indian visa, said an employee of the airport security. This he would not have received, therefore, but also because he had told the Indian authorities, of criminal criminal record: “He told us that he feared, in Germany, criminal prosecution, and that he would like to travel via Turkey to Saudi Arabia.” The Federal Foreign office, the Federal criminal police office and the Federal Ministry of justice would not comment on a possible criminal past of the flight port dauergasts. German authorities, however, have been because of the man in contact with Indian authorities.

So sass the man for a week at the airport. He had mostly used the airport Wi-Fi, with family and friends on the phone, as well as magazines and Newspapers to read, – said the employee of the airport security. Indian authorities had brought him food, drinks, toothpaste, and a fresh set of clothes. Sleep, he got on the Seats or on the floor. During this time, the return took place only flights to different States. Early Tuesday morning the man left the airport, finally with a KLM-return machine in the direction of Amsterdam, such as the airport spokesman said.

history like in a movie

Germany and India have an agreement that allows you to Deliver a Criminal. However, these are lengthy procedures that are usually applied only in particularly severe cases. In addition, India could have the man deported.

the cases of so long in airports, stranded people are unusual – the 2004 Film “the Terminal” by Steven Spielberg made quite a splash, with Tom Hanks in the main role, and remains in New York at JFK airport, as his home country is immersed in a civil war, and all of a sudden is no longer recognized. He is free overnight to the States and must not be allowed to enter the United States. For months, he is through in the Terminal, falls in love with a Stewardess, before the situation normalizes in his home again and he can return to that.

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