It was all day and very busy in and around the cemetery, and there are people with less good intentions, and every year, the misuse of it. When people are on or around all hallows eve, the grave of a loved one, visit, break in, thieves of cars, open. The police will be in the next few days, then it will also be extra patrol in the cemetery.

“It’s a yearly reoccuring problem. Of the film are likely to be quite far away. With all saints day and the day before that, it was very busy, and people need to get their car, sometimes, a bit further down the road. Out-of-sight. Thieves can misuse their battle to save”, says the police.

“When you get to the grave of a deceased loved one is visiting, do not forget that thieves do have the low-down on what’s going on in your car, is left behind, not shown, to warn the police of Bruges, which, among other things, the board will give you a gps and a gps holder when it is not mounted in the car, and the zuignapafdruk to wipe away. Turn on the bluetooth and the wi-fi function of your gps, your laptop, or a mobile phone with the car off. Thieves look for these signs and need to break the car to steal it.”

Be sure also not to put jackets, purses or any other business in the bank. “Even though some of the items may have little value, and the thieves don’t find it often, it’s nice to have a pane of glass in order to get them to take you.”

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The police department also recommends to be aware of when you’ve had your purse or other valuables in the trunk of the car and submit it when you are parked in the yard. The thieves keep track of vehicles and passengers often have to sneak into the holes in order to see where there is something to do is. The damage done to the car is often greater than the prize.

Chrysanthemum is stolen

you are Not alone in cars, even in the cemetery itself, it is in the younger days, a lot of petty theft.

the Three-time al was Elza Vandecappelle out of Km this week, conclude that there is a plant or plant pots were stolen from the grave of her husband. Evelyn is The Zero thing, it is also the second time. The mayor of the Raf and The Wolf is (N-VA) is pleased to announce that the long-term surveillance is at the church cemetery.

In many places, the police are on the People keeping an eye on things to keep and pass the cemetery on patrol with the anonymous crap.

Who is in the graveyard, or anywhere else, suspicious actions, or people will notice, you will be asked to immediately call the emergency number on 101 to make a call. Turns out later to be a false alarm, the police will certainly not blame anyone, take, take.