Given the constant inflation (having reached 5.2% in 2022) and a non-revaluation for years, the deposit ceilings of the Livret A and the Livret d’Epargne Populaire are causing a heavy loss for French households. . Indeed, ranging from ten euros, up to thousands of euros for some, the French see their money fly away little by little.

As Maxime Chipoy (president of MoneyVox) explains for the newspaper LeParisien: “Not reassessing these ceilings is a tax increase, or at least a loss of benefits, which does not say its name. By letting things drag on, we limit, in all discretion, the concessions made sometimes decades ago and which do not help the affairs of the Public Treasury. »

Indeed, if we take the example of the tax-free withdrawal limit for life insurance, it should now be equal to 7,000 euros due to inflation, but it remains unchanged since 1997 and set at 4,600 euros, 50% lower than it should be.

With the 18 million less well-off French people who are eligible and 8.5 million already beneficiaries, raising the LEP ceiling would make it possible to save by having a gain of 165 euros in interest in the middle of the year.

But then what are the regulatory deposit limits? Check them out in our slideshow: