The period of April is often synonymous with preparing for the summer holidays which are fast approaching. Within four months, a large majority of French and Europeans will leave for their annual resting places. If some opt for the habit, that is to say to go to the same place as in previous years, others will choose a new destination.

If we take in order the good reflexes to have in order not to be stressed at the idea of ​​​​preparing for our holidays, it is essential to plan in advance. It’s a bit like when you go shopping, the most practical thing is to make a small list of things to buy so you don’t miss anything.

In order to have the possibility of staying as long on vacation as in previous years, booking your stay in advance is a good idea. During the Covid years, many of you planned at the last minute, especially given the uncertainties linked to the pandemic. From now on, it is better to prepare well in advance.

In addition, the very high season has been neglected over the years in view of the exorbitant prices offered by the various holiday organizations. According to a study by the European Travel Commission (ETC), 40% of people choose to travel in early to mid-summer (June to July). By contrast, just 23% expect to take trips in August and September, down 9% from a year ago.

Among the countries most favored by travelers are obviously France, but also Spain. Still according to the ETC study, 8% of European tourists are attracted by these two countries where the weather is good. Four countries are respectively ranked just behind: Italy with 7% of intention, Greece has 6% and Germany attracts 5% of tourists from the European Union. place in the choice of vacationers. With 18%, the sun is ahead of bargains with 17%. The price criterion is obviously decisive even if you have to shift your travel dates a little.

All this information mentioned above can only be beneficial from an environmental point of view. On the one hand, tourist flows are expanding and allowing a reduction in gas emissions. A majority of travelers choose to travel by the most used means of transport, the car, while others will choose the plane or the train. Extending the departure period on vacation helps to spread out the comings and goings.

The environment has not been spared lately, which is good news. ETC President Luis Araujo believes that “this positive trend supports the sustainable management of destinations by distributing tourist flows more evenly”. According to him, “companies and destinations should take these trends into account in order to meet the changing needs of travelers”.