Sara Giraudeau: who is this rising actress and daughter of Anny Duperey?


Since her earliest childhood, Sara Giraudeau has been rocked by the world of cinema. His father, the director Bernard Giraudeau made him turn at the age of 10 in his feature film Les Caprices d’un rivière. His mother, Anny Duperey, is also a famous figure in French cinema.

In an interview with Madame Figaro, the 37-year-old actress spoke of her childhood and her school phobia. A malaise that her parents did not detect as she had explained. “As a child, I knew who I was, and I was aware that I was unsuited to school. I had to wait until the end of my schooling to find myself. not at all, and my parents had not observed my discomfort well”, she had declared and added: “At 16, a psychologist diagnosed me with school phobia (there are different forms), and changing schools made me feel better. These years were such a trauma for me that today I am very attentive to the well-being of my children at school”.

For several years, the notoriety of Sara Giraudeau continues to climb. In 2018, on the strength of her success, she was awarded the César for best actress in a supporting role for Petit Paysan. On August 31, 2022, she will star in the comedy La Page Blanche alongside Pierre Deladonchamps, Grégoire Ludig and Sarah Suco. Planet invites you to discover it in photos in our slideshow.