In the Paradis family, discover the little sister Alysson. Everyone knows her big sister Vanessa Paradis since her revelation in the late 1980s. Her song, Joe the taxi, represents her very beginnings in the music industry. A success that made her an icon in France. Subsequently, her love affair with Hollywood star Johnny Depp multiplied her notoriety in France as well as internationally.

A mediatized life on which her little sister Alysson, who has become an actress, agreed to confide in the show L’Essentiel at Labro, January 22, 2023. “I haven’t really suffered from it often except at school because that children are quite cruel. Especially after certain films where she was able to have a somewhat sulphurous image, inevitably, it was on me that it fell”, she declared and continued: “I am very proud of what she does and that it is also my temperament not to have put myself in this position (…) She was very present and took a benevolent look at me. My parents, themselves, did not behave like fans with her. I didn’t grow up with Vanessa Paradis the star, but with my big sister”.

Less known than her big sister, Alysson Paradis has yet a fine track record to her credit. She made her debut as an actress in The Last Day in 2004. Subsequently, she played in several feature films including L’Enfance d’Icare, Les Drapeaux en papier, A Good Man, So we dance and in 2023 she will star in the film Amore Mio, directed by Guillaume Gouix, his companion.

The couple is the parent of two boys, born in 2015 and 2022. She also claimed “to be a fusional family”, in the program of Philippe Labro. “I think it can be complicated for the people around us. From the outside, we enter a clan,” she explained. Planet invites you to discover it in our slideshow.