Mask Singer 4: the new investigators confide in their role in the game


It’s been a week since they made their comeback. Since August 23, Mask Singer is back for a fourth season, broadcast every Tuesday evening on TF1. Orchestrated by Camille Combal, the channel’s flagship program produced by Hervé Hubert welcomed three newcomers to its ranks.

This year, comedian Chantal Ladesou, singer Vitaa, and ventriloquist Jeff Panacloc joined the Investigators’ Table, where actor Kev Adams has sat since season one. A unique quartet whose mission is to unmask the disguised personalities in the game. They know them as actors, animators, singers, comedians… Will they be able to recognize them under the costume of a butler monkey, a firefighter elephant or a Dalmatian? drag queen? Before the start of season 4, the apprentice detectives delivered their impressions.

During a press conference, which Planet attended in July in the studios where Mask Singer is recorded, in Plaine Saint-Denis, actress Chantal Ladesou was the first to arrive. The most punctual of the investigators is already making a strong impression with journalists with her humor. Followed by Vitaa, Jeff Panacloc accompanied by his faithful Jean-Marc, Camille Combal and 2 members of the production, only Kev Adams (retained on the set of his new fiction @venir) was missing.

For the dean of the investigators of Mask Singer, this role was a challenge to be met. “I had a problem when I was offered this because I don’t already recognize anyone without a mask”, jokes the famous comedian. “But hey, I get there anyway because I cheat a little on my comrade next door”, swinging his accomplice Jeff Panacloc.

However, Chantal Ladesou took pleasure in conducting the investigation to unmask the stars hidden under the costumes. “It’s very pleasant… I’m not bored at all”. The Big Heads member can also count on the support of Camille Combal and Kev Adams, historical faces of the show. “Kev is a very good comrade. He helped us a lot,” she says with the support of Vitaa. As for the 40-year-old animator, Michel Ansault’s wife “loves his way of hosting”.

With this status of investigator, Chantal Ladesou intends to use her main asset to succeed in guessing the identity of the candidates. “I watch the way they arrive a lot. Often, I recognize people by their gait”, adding with humor. “And afterwards, they dance, so there, I’m lost”.

New investigator this season, the singer Vitaa accepted this role thanks to her children, fans of Mask Singer. “It intrigued me and I didn’t understand the issue at all,” admitted the star and she was not disappointed. In front of his screen following the previous seasons, as on set during filming. “We are completely in the investigation at times when even Camille asks us to react to the performance”.

If the famous interpreter and friend of the singer Slimane admits having been picked up by the program, she does not hesitate to give a boost to her acolytes. “As a singer, it’s true that I like to give [advice] and I try to help my colleagues a little,” she told reporters, revealing her main asset. “My strength is singing because I find that with singers, in general, I recognize quickly. It’s the only time I find quickly”, laughs the accomplice of Diam’s with Confessions nocturnes.

Even if Vitaa spent her days investigating in the Lendit studios, she has fond memories of this “alchemy” between the Mask Singer jurors. “We’re having fun from start to finish. I don’t know how they’re going to do with our valves, some are completely crazy,” she smiles in front of the production. “I think there are things that are not going to be kept.” And, to evoke one of its defining moments. “I think of the evening with the international star and we were crazy, crying with laughter on the floor”. A sequence that could well be one of the highlights of the season.

Last comer to the table of Mask Singer, comedian Jeff Panacloc shares his role of investigator (or almost) with Jean-Marc. His main motivation for taking on this role? “Money”, swings the facetious puppet before the ventriloquist takes control. “I love it because it’s a family show. When we have children, we want to make our children love it in this kind of show rather than going to do a little vulgar valves elsewhere”, recognizes the father of family.

Like his comrade Vitaa, the ventriloquist (Damien Colcanap, his real name) quickly got caught up in the investigation game. Until revealing his competitive side. “I got caught up in the game, really crazy. I’m first degree to death. I have no humor and I want to win”, he assures, deciding well to win the trophy. golden ear, awarded to the best investigator. And, Jeff Panacloc seems to start the game on a high!

The only investigator to have found the identity of a star (actor Frédéric Diefenthal disguised as gingerbread) from the first show, Jeff Panacloc has exceptional hearing. “I really need to hear the voice and then I see if it sticks to the clues,” he admits. What annoy his opponents like Vitaa, the singer of the group. “You have a gift”. While waiting to discover the voices and performances of the new characters, the comedian is delighted to team up with the three other investigators, and especially with Camille Combal.

“As a comedian, it’s cool to have a respondent and a good comrade who laughs, even at our not funny jokes”, laughs the 30-something in front of the host of Mask Singer. The latter is also happy to share this new season with them. “There is an alchemy that was made right away where it feels like we’ve known each other for fifteen years. It’s absolute happiness. I’m really lucky to love them each in their discipline and I’m very lucky, we have a lot of fun. It’s very very cool!”.