From the early 1980s, Catherine Ringer and Fred Chichin met with success with their group, Les Rita Mitsouko. A stage name coming from the association of the name of the stripper Rita Renoir and that of the perfume “Mitsouko” by Guerlain. A fine career followed, punctuated by hits including Marcia Baïla, C’est comme ça and Don’t Forget The Nite.

Very discreet about her intimate life, the singer had mentioned the abuse she had suffered during her youth on the set of C à Vous in 2017. “I was a victim for a very long time, say from 13 and a half to 20 years, approximately, of a narcissistic pervert who dragged me into pornographic areas, into rape, etc”, she had declared and added: “I was a little young girl a little abandoned by parents who knew nothing about it and who were really far from all that. And what’s more, it must be said that we lived in an era, in the 1970s, we said to ourselves ‘we are going to free ourselves, long live free love!’ , So go ahead, you’re 15 but look, read Emmanuelle. And we’re going to do like Emmanuelle, you’re going to become the slave of a guy who’s 45. I’m giving you to him…”.

In 2019, singer Catherine Ringer returned to touring to celebrate the group’s 40th anniversary. The following year, she was nominated for the Victoires de la Musique in the Female Artist of the Year category. The same year, the Live compilation “Catherine Ringer sings Les Rita Mitsouko at the Philharmonie de Paris” was released.

Followed by more than 30,000 subscribers on Instagram, the 65-year-old singer continues to give news to her fans. Planet invites you to discover it in photos.