What we associate with the sixties and the seventies? Bluetooth, Connectivity, Actioncam, Google? Not really. The Triumph but it does.

Walter Wille

editorial “technology and Motor”

F. A. Z.

No motorcycle manufacturer is plowing on in the world of busy box on the nostalgia. The English cherish and maintain a comprehensive classic-family with two-cylinder engines of different engine displacement classes. With the authority of their history, with models such as the Bonneville, Scrambler, Thruxton, they build on British industrial and cultural history.

so Far, the Segment was considered in the lucrative Retro: It is style is less technical and the tip of the spear. Some machine in the market acts as a hard-won compromise, half Today, half the Time, occasionally with the result of a half-baked vision and indecisive driving behavior.

Now the Triumph comes, and promises to be “the real deal”. With the new Scrambler 1200 XC 13 550 euros, plus ancillary costs and the 1000 Euro more expensive variant of the XE will be the British deliver past with the latest resources. The 1200 in the Steve-McQueen-desert look like motorcycles, the Builder could have transported back to ’68 for the purpose of procurement of future technologies to the year 2018, prior to the return trip all together, got what got to take you in order to use it for their machines.


Traditional appearance on the one hand, contemporary function, on the other hand, it was to the English. The off-road abilities of a Scrambler are not only hinted at, but strongly emphasised, which, among other things, complicated driving, bear witness to the works, huge suspension travel, 21-inch front wheel and a sovereign command-Seating position. And all of this enriched by the opportunities of the Digital Era.

As the TFT Cockpit with Light would be:-Dark-automatic and configurable display that welcomes the driver with name, Five-way switch on the Handlebars with LED night lighting, led spotlight, remote-key, foam-lined storage compartment for your Smartphone with a USB port under the seat.

Optional is a Bluetooth module offered to the coupling of the smartphone with the motorcycle, bringing the blessings of Connectivity-wave. Calls are displayed in the Cockpit, in addition, music tracks, and the bubbling in the helmet speakers, as well as navigation instructions, and is used if the route guidance Google. Specially has gone to a Triumph in cooperation with the Internet group.