Jones is a All-Pro wide receiver but has just been to a Super Bowl

As trade rumors continue to swirl about Julio Jones departing the Falcons, the prior All-Pro wide receiver but solidified he will not be playing at Atlanta if the 2021 NFL season kicks off.

“Oh man, no, I am out of there, guy,” Jones reacted to Sharpe throughout the live broadcast.

Sharpe followed , asking him where he’d love to perform with.

“I need to win,” Jones dismissed backagain.

Observing the look on”Undisputed,” NFL Network supplied some clarity about the circumstance, confirming that Jones asked a trade in the Falcons a couple of months ago and the team agreed to hear offers.

ESPN followed with a record that Atlanta is looking for a first-round draft pick in exchange for Jones. But people around the globe do not feel the Falcons will find that sort of reimbursement due to him, according to the report.

A current report surfaced by NBC Sports Boston which Jones wants to combine with the New England Patriots and perform quarterback Cam Newton.

Last year, Jones simply played nine games because of injuries. Jones, a seven-time Pro Bowler, has led the team in getting in 2015 and 2018, and if healthy, he has been among the greatest players in his position.