The last words of an American murderer, just before his death, still at the beginning, it will have bad blood in the parents are a child’s best interests. Ed and Peggy Schaeffer,” said Charles Rhines (63). “I will forgive you for your anger and hatred is, that you are in front of me to feel.”

When Charles Rhines of South Dakota in 1992, is a robbery committed at a donutwinkel in Rapid City, walked into the situation with a heavy hand. The owner of the business, and the 22-year-old Donnivan Schaeffer, resisted and was stabbed to death by a man.

Photo: AP < / P> Rhines (63) has been sentenced to the death penalty, which is Monday night at the jail in Sioux Falls, has been carried out. However, for the execution came, it was the assassin’s chance to get his last words out, so to speak. “Yes, yes, I would like to say something about it,” said Rhines. Ed and Peggy Schaeffer, and I will forgive you for your anger and hatred towards me. I pray that God will grant you also have to forgive. A big thank you to my team. I love you all, goodbye . In the beginning there was to it. That’s what I have to say to you.”

The parents of the victim were not in those words, but they had to have a press conference, however, was still something to be said about their killed sons. “Do you, today, something good for someone else in honor of Donnivan. He was much loved and will be missed. We will never forget him. We are going to miss him, as we have for a long time. He was a young boy with an infectious laugh that will be a great asset to the company, it would have been. In the case of enforcement, it brings us relief, and the rule of law.” Her boyfriend added that, “in the book, this is closed, but the pain and emotion that we will forever be felt.”

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