The man to fly to the moon and send satellites to Mars, but in a way an old Elevator can overwhelm him completely. Recently it met again two guests of the Fleming’s Hotels. Ironically, in the Moment when you took your cab through the dark turning chamber in the attic, stopped at the Paternoster-the Elevator abruptly. An hour stranded passengers, the height of the rescue of the fire brigade had to free them. Why they were to the top floor, more hazards, is not known.

Dangerous the journey was, despite the forced break, assures a spokesman for the fire Department a few days after the incident. And a reason to discuss once again about the admissibility of the good old People elevators, not the rescue operation, in his opinion. Elevators remained from time to time, and as well as every day, his colleagues from advanced, to liberate people from it. “To the technical emergency service comes, it may take a couple of hours. So they call us.“

After each breakdown, a debate

On the abolition of modern elevators talking, still no one, finally, you have the reputation to be safer than its technical predecessor. Paternoster after each mishap to the debate. New you can’t build it anyway, in the middle of the nineties, they wanted to ban all, and then later, only specially trained people, the ride allow. Every Time a storm of protest across the country was, as it were, the pressure to have stairs to run.

of Course, the plant is now at Fleming’s for the First still; when you off and on, yesterday was not to learn. Already several times the Hotel because of the Elevator was in the headlines. 2013 had trapped two women while getting on the legs, shortly before, to have a student while getting on or hurt. It was then retrofitted, the Paternoster is equipped with light barriers to trigger the brake, if someone from the cabin leap too far. It is conceivable that this technique is for the recent, forced stop responsible.