Suspect arrested: a Young tourist killed in Morocco


    At the foot of the Hiking popular mount Toubkal in Morocco have been found the bodies of two young women from Scandinavia. The two student were from Norway and Denmark. The police arrested according to judicial information on Tuesday a Suspect for the death of the women in charge. The bodies had stab wounds. To other potential offenders-will wanted.

    The bodies had been found in a remote area near the village of Imlil, informed the interior Ministry in Morocco. The city is a mountain for many hikers and climbers starting point for tours in the Atlas. Of 4167 metres high, mount Toubkal is the highest mountain in North Africa and is located about 70 kilometers South of Marrakech.

    The two women at the age of 24 and 28 years, studied at the University of South-East Norway. The University has been shocked by the news from Morocco and put the flags at half-mast. As the University announced that had left the two women at the weekend to Morocco. There they would remain thus for a month. The two women studied in Norway, among other things, culture and Nature tour.